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Interior Wall Lights

Discover the best in designer interior wall lights from our curated collection of international brands. From functional bathroom lighting and task lighting to decorative wall lights for your bedroom, kitchen and living areas, we have a style to enhance every room.

An often-overlooked form of lighting, wall lights are a simple way to add extra depth and layers of ambience to your interiors. Perfect for bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, kitchens and living rooms, these space-saving fixtures are great for smaller spaces, and work well as an alternative to conventional wall art.

This type of interior wall lights can be broken down into three different styles: task, decorative or accent lighting.

Task Interior Wall Lights
Task lighting is one of the main types of interior wall lights in your home as it is designed to help you carry out specific tasks. Task wall lights are a common source of functional lighting and offer a direct and intense light such as a bedside wall lights bedside wall lights for night-time reading.

Decorative Interior Wall Lights
Decorative lighting, often referred to as statement lighting is an easy way to add personalised design to your interior space. They not only complement other lighting fixtures but complete your décor and create a more inviting space.

Accent Interior Wall Lights
Depending on the layout of your space, interior wall lights can be a great option for adding both ambient and accent lighting. This type of light can be used to highlight specific features such as architectural details, artwork or even fireplaces. It can also be used to bring a sense of your own personality to the room. Accent lighting should be bright but not overpowering.