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Modern Mediterranean

Discover this popular style with our curated collection of Modern Mediterranean lighting. A design style that incorporates a warm, inviting, and rustic aesthetic and features an eclectic mix of traditional and modern elements.

A sophisticated and timeless look, Modern Mediterranean design is often characterised by arches, columns, and ornate details, which are balanced by clean lines and minimalism. The overall aesthetic is that of an elegant, comfortable, and inviting space, with a focus on creating an area that feels lived-in and relaxed.

To achieve that Modern Mediterranean look in your home, layer your lighting fixtures by including pendant lights, table lamps and wall lights. Use fixtures that feature natural as well as detailed and unique elements. Natural light is also essential, with large windows and doors used to maximize the daylight and provide a connection to the outdoors.

Explore our curated range of Modern Mediterranean designer lighting today, selected for you with features that epitomise this most sought-after look. Your Mod-Med inspired space awaits.