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Hamptons Pendant Lights

Create that classic Hamptons look in your interior space with our large collection of luxury Hamptons style pendant lights, curated from the best European, Australian, and North American brands.

The Hamptons style is epitomised by natural tones and textures inspired by coastal resort living - whitewashed walls, timber floors and panelled walls mixed with high quality elegant accents. Using the correct lighting will allow you to add the sophisticated touches and create the perfect ambience for your classic Hamptons vibe.

Our range of Hamptons Pendant Lights have been carefully curated from the best international brands with the ultimate Long Island look in mind. Combining high quality materials and craftsmanship with beautiful brass accents, fine monochrome detailing and innovative design, we have compiled a selection with a solution for all your interior rooms.
Hamptons pendant lights can be placed throughout your home or commercial space – from the kitchen right through to the bathroom - and can be layered with other lighting fixtures such as wall lights, floor lamps and table lamps for the complete Hamptons look.

Explore our curated collection of Hamptons Pendant Lights and transform your interior into the sophisticated, easy coastal living, Hamptons style space you always imagined.