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Outdoor Bollards & Pole Lights

While functional in essence, our collection of outdoor bollard and pole lights brings international designer elements to your outdoor space. When selecting the perfect outdoor light, the key importance is the quality of the fixture and if it can withstand exposure to natural elements. As with bathroom lights, outdoor lights need to be approved for outdoor environments which means it needs to have an IP Rating. Outdoor lights including outdoor bollard and pole lights need to be at least IP44 rated to ensure they are protected from moisture and the general wear and tear of the outdoor life.

All outdoor bollard and pole lights curated on this page have been selected for their durability, innovative designs, and high-quality materials - such as hardwoods and metals with powder coating, all of which are made to last.

Our collection of outdoor lights has been carefully chosen for you and incorporates a range of styles such as lantern, contemporary and coastal, allowing you to create your ultimate outdoor experience.