Your home is an expression of your personality, and the right indoor wall lights can display your own individual style. When choosing lighting for your walls, it's important to consider both the function and your own personal aesthetic as well as factors such size and shape of the space. Most importantly consider not just how the lights looks in your space but about how it makes you feel - use lighting to create the perfect ambience.

In this blog post, we'll outline our suggestions for choosing the right interior wall lights for your home or commercial space whether you're looking to light up a dark hallway or create a cosy reading nook. We'll also discuss the types of wall lighting fixtures and their applications, so you can make an informed decision about which indoor wall lights are best suited for your needs - both practicality and decoratively.

We have divided this guide based on the different rooms and areas of the home - complete with recommendations from our extensive collection, so you can easily find exactly what you're looking for and marvel at what you have been missing!

The Living Room

Aile Wall Light by Lodes | Lighterior

The living room is an area where you want to feel both comfortable and relaxed, and indoor wall lights can help towards achieving this goal. Complement your furniture and décor with ambient lighting for a soft, diffused glow creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The Aile Wall Light has a small and dynamic design inspired by the aileron of sports cars. However, it’s compact size and sleek design combined with a powerful light output offers complete lighting for more intimate settings – such as your living room.

Ibre Wall Light presents an alternative style for your living room area. Featuring a circular wicker shade with a metal point at the centre of the design, the juxtaposition between the two materials creates a striking visual impact while emitting a soft and subtle glow.

The Bedroom

Maho Wall Light & Ycro Wall Light | Lighterior

When it comes to interior wall lighting in the bedroom, mood is key. You want to create a relaxing and calming sanctuary, and this can be achieved by selecting soft and subdued ambient lighting fixtures that won't overpower the space.

Bedside wall lamps are ideal for providing task and ambient lighting and can be both functional and decorative in design. The Maho Wall Light is a stylish indoor spotlight with an adjustable arm and dimmer allowing you to focus and direct the light exactly where you need it.

Minimal and contemporary in design, the Ycro Wall Light, part of the Ycro collection, is perfect for any space that requires task lighting with a subtle character.

The Bathroom

Mini Wall Light & Verity Wall Light | Lighterior

When selecting bathroom wall lights, it is important to not only consider function and style, but also quality of the fixture and its ability withstand exposure to moisture. Bathroom wall lights ideally need to have an IP Rating of at least IP44 to ensure they are protected from the regular exposure to moisture that comes with regular bathroom use.

Functionally, bathroom wall lights need to illuminate effectively while decoratively they must complement your personal style. Layer your bathroom wall lights with other forms of lighting such as ceiling lights and pendant lights to add depth to the space. Use a combination of task and accent lighting with a variety of shapes, textures, and materials to complete your look.

Ceramic meets antique brass in the Mini Wall Light. Available in either a gooseneck or angled arm composition this gorgeous interior wall light illuminates with a refined profile. The Verity Wall Light uses a clear, cut-glass shade to give a romantic glow with a contemporary torchiere that is inspired by the Olympic torch. This fitting is IP44 rated and are therefore ideal for bathroom use.

The Kitchen

Baruch Wall Light & Bridy Wall Light | Lighterior

Indoor wall lights are a popular choice for accent lighting in the kitchen. Create the right ambience with a style that suits your personal aesthetic, while also considering both form and function. Combine your wall lights with other lighting fixtures such as pendant lights and ceiling lights for the right amount of illumination for your kitchen area.

Baruch Wall Light is a sleek wall sconce ideal for highlighting kitchen shelves, photographs, and other features. A ribbed brass socket holds two bulbs for double the illumination and the two shades can be rotated to for the perfect angle.

The perennially popular Birdy Wall Light is an iconic modernist style and will not only illuminate beautifully but also become a feature in any kitchen space. The various finishes available provide a solution for any décor.

The Hallway & Staircase


Glint Wall Light & Delie Wall Light | Lighterior


Hallways and staircases can often be dark and gloomy, so interior wall lights are a must in these areas. When choosing hallway lights, consider the size of your corridor - large spaces will need more powerful fixtures than smaller ones. Select brighter bulbs for a stronger glow and layer your wall lights with ceiling and pendant lights for the complete lighting solution.

For a hallway, we recommend the Delie Wall Light, a minimalist tubular indoor light fixture with an additional decorative marble accent. Projecting a soft, warm glow it creates an ambience of elegance and warmth.

The Nautilus Wall Light makes an ideal fixture for both your staircase and hallway with functional beams that can be tilted up to 90 degrees and rotated over 355 degrees, creating an engaging glow based on your desired direction.

We also recommend the beautiful Glint Wall Light, with its subtle perforated pattern within the circular metal shade. The Glint reflects soft, glare-free shadows up and across the room, bringing a natural feeling of warmth and intimacy.

Wall lights are a simple way to add extra depth and layers of ambience to your interiors. Discover the best in designer interior wall lights from our curated collection of international brands. From functional bathroom lighting and task lighting to decorative wall lights for your bedroom, kitchen and living areas, we have a style to enhance every room.