Brass lights make an ideal addition to your bedroom lighting arrangement, bringing elements of sophistication to a room without overpowering it. Brass conveys a feeling of luxury and quality – fundamental features in designer lighting. Using a metallic accent such as brass in your bedroom can walk a fine line between elegant subtlety and just too much. Here we discuss how, when used correctly, brass lights at your bedside can bring warmth and contrast to your decor without being too bold and brash.

Brass has long been used as a material in lighting – with real brass as the predominant material in the fixture, as an accent, or as a finish that resembles real brass. All types have proven to be hugely popular and with good reason. Brass itself comes in a huge range of styles - from antique and aged, to brushed, satin or golden and can be a real chameleon depending on its setting.

The colour and shade of brass contrasts well with an array of colours from light to dark and will help set the mood depending on aesthetic. When paired with light colours your interior will be lifted and brightened. Use with pastel colours for a delicate look or with blues and greens for a more classic style. When combined with dark interiors, brass lights make a bold statement of moody sophistication and luxury.

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Bedside Lights for Function

Not only must we consider the colour scheme of your bedroom décor, but also the function of bedside lights. Task lights – whether they are brass wall lights or brass table lamps are designed to cast a direct light where focused light is needed – such as for reading. It is worth considering a dimmable capability here as well as an adjustable arm.

Maho Wall Light is a minimal and stylish indoor spotlight with a matte black structure and golden brass finish which really pops against dark interior walls and prevents the black from becoming too flat. With its dimmable function it makes the ultimate bedside wall light for a contemporary interior.

Maho Wall Light | Terra Round Long Arm Wall Light | Brass Lights | Lighterior

Featuring a singular ceramic dome with a brass backplate and a long articulating arm, the Terra Round Long Arm Wall Light is a directional, functional and elegantly beautiful brass wall light. The handmade ceramic is infused with subtle variations creating a unique and refined bedside task light.

With its strong geometric shapes, soft gentle contours, and simple brass accents, the Birdy Swing Wall Light is a celebration of iconic interior architect Burger Dahl, his signature style and ever relevant modern design language. It makes for a beautiful yet highly functional wall light with its smooth rotating capabilities - ideal for reading and other tasks.

Bedside Lights for Ambience

As important as its functionality, is the ambience your brass lights create. Your bedroom should be a calming and restful space and your choice of lighting will reflect this. Whether your style is eclectic, minimal, or mid-century you can use decorative brass wall lights and table lamps next to your bed to create the perfect sanctuary without distraction.

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Lune Wall Light features a folded sheet metal bracket and ceramic lamp holder with refined proportions and perfect symmetry. The large, frosted bulb emits a warm, diffused ambient light and echoes the form of the curved backplate, creating a distinct geometry. Each element of the Lune Wall Light is crafted by hand, adding to its sense of quality, beauty, and unique style.

The Colt Flush Wall Light is expertly crafted from heavyweight machined brass and has quality in abundance. Reminiscent of mid-century design, it has sleek slotted grills both top and bottom with an opal diffuser that casts a warm wash of light. An exceptionally elegant and glamourous addition to your bedroom.

Hup Table Lamp features a minimal sleek brass base that leads to a cloud-like opal glass shade with a smooth pattern of rounded folds adding an element of softness. Ultra-contemporary in its design this table lamp has subtle characteristics and a delicate clean look. A beautiful example of a decorative brass light for your bedside table.

Pendant Lights for your Bedside

Nora Pendant Light | Organic Pendant Light | Brass Lights | Lighterior

Ever more popular is the use of pendant lights as bedside lighting. An entirely different take on the classic wall light or table light, a pendant not only frees up space on your bedside table allowing for a cleaner, more minimal aesthetic, it also makes an aesthetic statement. Ideal for creating mood and ambience, a soft and subtle light from a pendant is a great alternative to traditional decorative bedside lighting.

A perfect example of a pendant light with a subtle brass accent is the Organic Pendant Light. It has characteristic contours and features an old brass fixture supporting an individually mouth-blown glass shade. These unique shapes ensure that no two pendants are ever the same – a stunning statement for your bedside lights.

The Nora Pendant Light exudes elegance in its simplicity. A beautifully crafted metal cylinder with a subtle aged brass finish, this contemporary pendant brings just enough brass accent with its accompanying sophistication to your bedside, without overpowering the room and décor.

Narciso Pendant Light has the shape of a brass bell which is used as the diffuser body with a shade of opal glass. Because of its unique shape, it can be oriented in any direction with a simple gesture – adding a functional element to its otherwise highly decorative qualities. With an additional floor lamp and table lamp in the Narciso collection, it is possible to maintain continuity of style by utilising the family of brass lights in one room.

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Finding the right bedside light can be a challenge – your bedroom should be a comforting sanctuary and it is important to get it just right. Brass lights – whether they are wall lights, table lamps or pendant lights are extremely versatile in function and style. They can make a statement, exuding quality and old-world luxury while maintaining warmth and contemporary sophistication. With our tips we hope you can find the right balance for your bedside lighting arrangements and create your functional yet beautiful haven for the end of a long day.