Create the ultimate lighting statement in your home or commercial space with luxury designer void lighting. Often the first impression of an interior space, void lights can be used as a bold and striking expression of your style. Pendant lights and void chandeliers are a versatile way of lighting your area and can be fitted in a variety of arrangements, clusters, and heights to suit your space. You can layer void lighting with wall lights, ceiling lights, table lamps and floor lamps to complement your décor and illuminate your space for the perfect welcoming ambience.

Not only should you consider void lighting as a statement of style, but it must also work practically, as well as aesthetically. These areas are often large and difficult to light effectively, so choosing the correct void light fixture for your space is vital. In this blog we will discuss all things void lighting and why quality and design are so important to the successful illumination of your space.


Void Lights: Designer Lighting

Random Solo Pendant Light & Porta Cluster Pendant Light | Void Lighting | Lighterior

Designer lighting is synonymous with craftsmanship and the use of high-quality raw materials. These are lights that are made to stand the test of time, often handcrafted by master craftsman with extensive expertise and traditional methods.

Exceptional attention to detail and a slower more measured approach to manufacture and design are often key elements in the production of designer lighting. The bespoke capabilities of designer lighting are a hugely beneficial feature when considering illuminating often awkward void areas. Plus, it allows you to create a truly individual piece of art for your home or commercial space.

Beyond the craftsmanship and quality in designer lighting for void areas, are the materials and finishes used. This can be the point at which your lighting is amplified from bland to beautiful. Whether it is brushed brass or mouth-blown Italian glass, a quality finish will elevate your void lighting to the next level.


Void Lights: Placement & Positioning

Organic Pendant Light & Nera 8lt Pendant Light | Void Lighting | Lighterior

Before choosing which light for you want for your void area it is important to consider the more practical elements of your space – does it have a staircase, high ceilings or windows? What are the dimensions and proportions of your space and what features do you wish to highlight or minimise? From this point you can then move to the type and style of void lighting. The positioning of a lighting fixture can impact its ability to make a statement just as much as the style and finish.


Cluster Pendant Lights for Void Lighting

Where a single light can look lost in a space, a cluster can take that same space in an entirely new direction. This is how we create statement lighting, and it is the perfect answer for a void area. The options for cluster pendant lights are quite endless and the ability to combine your personal aesthetic with not only the correct combination of lights as well as their placement is no mean feat. Utilise all avenues of advice and expertise available to you such as online planning tools and customer service to ensure the successful illumination of your void area.

There are so many beautiful cluster pendants available it is hard to narrow the field, however we have chosen just a few of our favourites below for their expression, versatility, and popularity.

Volum Cluster Pendant Light & Parlour Lite Sphere Pendant Light | Void Lighting | Lighterior

The use of glass can transform a space into something quite spectacular and stop a person in their tracks. The Volum Cluster Pendant Light is one such light with its simple silhouette and technically complex high gloss glass. Each light has a distinct shape which complement each other and provide a calming and coherent radiance. When combined in a large composition it is simply breathtaking.

Another glass pendant light with a spherical silhouette is the Parlour Lite Sphere Pendant Light. Sleek and contemporary in style, the shade reveals a contrast of antique flair with a modern twist. While all shades are the same size, there are differing glass finishes to add an extra element of versatility to the finished composition. Whether grouped together in small or large quantities, it has a striking effect.

Kelly Cluster Pendant Light | Void Lighting | Lighterior

The A-Tube Nano Pendant Light is a streamlined vertical metal light with a transparent glass light source at the end. A simple cylindrical light when used individually, but when clustered in various heights and sizes, this versatile suspension lamp moves to the next level.

The Kelly Cluster Pendant Light showcases a laser-cut pattern on the shade housing an LED module. When illuminated, it reflects light through a glass diffuser creating soft ambient lighting throughout your space. Fabricated from metal and glass materials, this pendant is available in four metal finishes which can be used together or individually for an equally eye-catching effect.


Chandeliers for Void Lighting

Yorktown Chandelier & Labra 12lt Chandelier | Void Lighting | Lighterior

Historically displayed as the ultimate statement of wealth and opulence, void chandeliers are the original statement light. We may have moved on from crystal and real candles, but a chandelier will always be an eye-catching addition to your void area, and a true expression of your style. Whether you opt for a traditional style or consider something much more contemporary, choosing the correct size, placement and type of light is just as important as with any lighting fixture.

Brigitte Chandelier is a modern, industrial take on the classic chandelier. Both the 6-light and 10-light variation as well as the two finishes of aged brass and old bronze sit comfortably in both traditional and contemporary settings alike.

For traditional styling with cast detailing and an authentic touch, the Yorktown Chandelier makes an ideal light for your void area. The tall candle sleeves, finials, and ball transitions combine to make this classic design perfect for any decor.

Labra 12lt Chandelier is an impressive contemporary void lighting fixture. It is inspired by nature with a beautiful form that is open, airy, and elegant. Slender, swooping arms stretch upward giving the piece a decidedly botanical feel. This refined fixture will bring a sense of calm to any space.

Eclectic & Architectural Void Pendant Lights

Sibilla Pendant Light | Void Lighting | Lighterior

It is important to have fun with your lighting as much as it is to illuminate the area. Eclectic designer void pendant lights can make a statement while adding a sense of quirkiness and creativity at the same time. And importantly, they become a piece of art whether the light is turned on or off. The Sibilla Pendant Light, from the masters of eclectic designer lighting – Karman – is a creative geometric composition of vertical and horizontal arms, leading to cones housing light sources that transmit light in all directions. It seems to almost change in appearance depending on the angle from which it is viewed.

The Heat XL Pendant Light has a subtle sheen and sculptural surface that blurs the boundaries between art and design. Created from experimenting with clashing materials and the inspiration to create a large pendant light with contrasting characteristics. Used alone or as a cluster with different sized pendants, it has a powerful impact.

Heat XL Pendant Light & Armada Pendant Light | Void Lighting | Lighterior

The use of architectural pendant lights as void lighting can create a bold and striking silhouette while still effectively illuminating the space. The Armada Pendant Light is one such example. It is a piece of furniture with a strong but versatile personality with the light off. And when the light is turned on, the welded metal frame that embraces the light beam manages to create a light-shadow effect and a fascinating atmosphere.

To summarise, when choosing your void lighting, take plenty of time to consider the practicalities of size, height, and the space you wish to illuminate before moving on to your choice of fixture. There is an extensive range of designer lighting with an emphasis on quality craftsmanship, design and materials with styles ranging from classic traditional though to modern or contemporary. With options to suit every style, project size and budget take your time to explore them all to find your perfect fit. Lighting your void area can be fun, so enjoy the process and you will end up with something truly personal which you can be proud of.