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Indoor Table Lamps

Create the perfect ambience with our extensive range of luxury designer table lamps. Our collection offers the very best in indoor task lighting, bedside lighting, and decorative lighting in a style to suit every aesthetic.

Functional/directional indoor table lamps
Table lamps are a common source of functional and task lighting and offer strong, direct light where required. Fixtures with a moveable arm mean you can direct light to exactly where it is needed, while lights with a shade will soften and neutralise any potential glare. Table lamps are an ideal solution for reading areas, study nooks and bedroom lighting. A good tip is to find a table lamp with a dimmer giving you the option to adjust the level of illumination to suit your needs.

Decorative indoor table lamps
Decorative table lamps mix functional lighting with décor, adding a personal aesthetic to your room - whether the light is turned on or off. Your own style will dictate the designs you choose whether it is contemporary minimalism or mid-century modern.

Our collection of indoor table lamps has been carefully chosen for you and incorporates a range of styles allowing you to create your dream interior space.