Your workspace should be a continuation of your personal aesthetic without the need to draw a line between work and home areas, with standard office lighting not something you would necessarily wish to emulate in your home workspace. Combining both function and style, a table lamp can be essential to the design of your home office. Choices are in abundance and within this guide have selected some of our favourite products with the aim to help you make the right choice for your space.

Table lamps are available in a variety of styles, finishes and materials and each of these elements can be used to determine ambience, level of illumination as well as to complement and enhance your décor. We have carefully curated our collection of designer table lamps from the best international brands with all these factors in mind.


Task Lighting

Birdy Swing Table Lamp by Northern | Lighterior

Where focused light is required - especially on a desk area - table lamps are a good option for functional task lighting. Fixtures with a moveable arm mean you can direct light to exactly where it is needed for specific tasks; lights with a dimmer give you the option to adjust the level of illumination at any given time; while lights with a shade will soften and neutralise any potential glare on screens or paper while working.

The Birdy Table Lamp is part of a series originally designed in 1952 in a modernist style, and then re-launched in 2013. This lamp incorporates the moveable arm that is so useful in a desk light and retains the classic Scandinavian style where form and function lose nothing to clever minimal design and clean contoured lines.

The ultimate minimal interior light fixture, the Pinocchio Table Lamp has an adjustable arm that can rotate both horizontally by almost 360° as well as vertically by 90°, allowing it to direct the light in virtually any way. A functional interior lamp with a slimline space-saving design that is perfect as a reading light or for direct light on a desk.

Cask Table Lamp by Bert Frank | Lighterior

Endo Table Lamp is another light that features an adjustable arm, enabling you to angle the opal shade to suit your requirements. Both classic and contemporary in design with a matte brass or chrome base, the sleek and minimal Endo is ideal for any space that requires softer more diffused lighting.

Oozing high quality and expert craftsmanship, the Cask Table Lamp is real statement for your desk or work table. Featuring twin arms and symmetrical barrel-shaped shades in hand-finished brass with a solid brass base, this industrial-inspired design is an eye-catching yet equally practical task light that adds real substance to an area.


Decorative Desk Lighting

Easy Peasy Table Lamp | Lighterior

Decorative table lamps combine function with décor, bringing your personal style to an area whether the light is turned on or off. This is your opportunity to create an ambience that allows you to work productively in a setting that remains soothing to the mind. The design you choose will be dictated by your own aesthetic and mood you are looking to emulate, whether it is bold contemporary minimalism, industrial design or mid-century modern.

The perennially popular Easy Peasy Table Lamp is not just beautiful to look at, it has functional elements which make it ideal for ambient desk lighting. Made of blown glass and metal consisting of two rounded elements with different ergonomic shapes and muted contrasting colours. The functionality of its various configurations allows you to turn the lamp on and off as well as dim the intensity and warmth of the lamp. An aesthetic delight, the Easy Peasy is versatile enough in style to suit any interior setting including a home study or workspace.

Porta Table Lamp is robust yet delicate in form. The shape of the elegant smoked grey shade is inspired by the great architectural domes of the past and sits perfectly balanced against the simple black metal fixture. The strong presence commanded by this light allows it to look just as beautiful whether turned on or off, making it the ideal decorative addition to your desk area.

Colt Table Lamp by Bert Frank | Lighterior

Colt Table Lamp is a real heavyweight in the world of table lamps, carrying itself with elegance and grace. Striking from every angle it is crafted from solid machined brass with a bronze arm insert. A curved metal shade features a slotted grill on either side with opal diffusers ensuring a soft, warm light and reducing any potential glare. The practical pen tray machined into the base makes this your ultimate desk lamp.

Our considered collection of indoor table lamps has been carefully curated to incorporate all the elements of illumination, form, and style necessary to find the perfect desk lamp for your home study or workspace.