Great lighting is fundamental to a home’s interior. As well as providing illumination, it creates a distinct mood, ambience, and warmth. The bathroom is no exception but with so many indoor wall light options available, how do you know which one to choose?

These tips will give you an insight into how to pick the best as well as the safest bathroom wall light for your space:

Slat Wall Light | Lighterior

1. Safety First - Ingress Protection 

When it comes to choosing a light for the bathroom, safety is a priority. To identify whether a light is safe for your bathroom, all lights are given an IP Rating (Ingress Protection rating) which measures how resistant the light is to both water and dust particles. 

The IP Rating can be determined by reading the first and second digits following the initial ‘IP’. The first digit in IPXX is the protection rating against particles, while the second digit is its protection against water.  

For bathroom lights at a minimum they should be IP44 which means a ‘4’ protection against particles larger than 1mm in size and a ‘4’ protection against water splashes. 

The Plantation Bathroom Wall Light has an IP Rating of IP44 which is suitable for certain placements within a bathroom whereas the Slat Wall Light has an IP Rating of 65 which makes it ideal for the majority of bathroom zones - see further information on Bathroom Zones in our second tip. 

 Lighterior Bathroom Zone Guides


2. Bathroom Zoning & Placement

When it comes to bathroom lighting, the required IP rating is determined by measuring its proximity to a water source. Below is a guide to help assist you with the four zones of the bathroom: 

Zone 0

- For baths: inside the bath.
- For showers: shower walls, shower floor and inside the shower cubicle.
- For showers over baths: shower walls, shower floor, inside the bath and below the shower head.
*Minimum requirement: lights with IP rating IP67 


Zone 1

- For baths: the vertical area from the edge of the bath, up to 2.5m above the floor.
- For showers: from the top of the shower, up to 2.5m above the floor.
*Minimum requirement: lights with IP rating IPx4 or above (if showers/baths are communal then this rises to IPx5).


Zone 2

- For baths: 0.6m outside the bath, up to 2.25m above the floor.
- For showers: 0.6m outside the shower, up to 2.25m above the floor.
- For sinks: 0.6m radius around the sink.
*Minimum requirement: lights with IP rating IPx4 or above (if showers/baths are communal then this rises to IPx5), or 12V lights, or lights recessed into ceiling.


Zone 3 

There is no minimum requirement but we would strongly recommend IP44+ rated lights for all bathrooms. 


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3. Type of illumination: Task or Ambient Bathroom Wall Lights?  

When selecting your bathroom wall lights it is important to take into consideration whether you are after a task light or an ambient light. Task bathroom wall lights can be placed in areas where direct lighting is needed - such as besides or above the mirror to illuminate the vanity, countertop or sink. The Payne 2lt Wall Light is an example of a task light that features above the mirror. 

Whereas the Brace Wall Light is designed to cast a warm wash of light across the wall to create a soft ambient light for the bathroom. The Brace wall light is a perfect addition to the bathroom as it has an IP Rating of IP65 which allows for the majority of bathroom zones. 

 Agua Wall Light & Elliot Bathroom Wall Light | Lighterior

4. Choosing the style 

It is important to keep in mind the style of wall light you choose. You will want a piece that fits in with the overall aesthetic of your bathroom and complements the other fittings in the surrounding area. 

If your bathroom has a more modern style, then a simple, clean bathroom wall light would be ideal. The Orb Mirror Wall Light optimises these characteristics and offers a stunning opal glass fixture that showcases its quality. It’s available in three finishes (white, dark bronze & chrome) and two glass shade sizes (small & medium). 

Or maybe you are after a traditional style? The Elliot Wall Light exudes classic design with its three available finishes; polished brass, polished chrome or polished nickel. Not only is this bathroom wall light stylish but versatile with availability as both a single and double bathroom wall light.

Agua Wall Light is a delicate addition to your contemporary-styled bathroom. Its dewdrop glass finish is held together by a matte black aluminium exterior - giving an exquisite, yet charming feel - perfect for those seeking an artistic touch. 



Payne Pendant Light | Lighterior Bathroom Lights


5. Layering your lights

Layer your bathroom wall lights with other forms of lighting such as pendant lights and ceiling lights to add depth to the space and use a combination of task and ambient lighting with a variety of shapes, textures, and materials to complete your look.

Payne Pendant Light is a revived English Tudor design trend, the collection has an elegantly simple and modern profile. The clean, white, opal etched glass complements the simple spun metal rings, as well as setting off the more detailed metal rings of the ornate fittings. 

Additionally, layering multiple lights of the same collection to create a unique composition is an expressive yet sophisticated look. The Bide Wall Light is a versatile light that allows for both a singular or cluster installation, available in a stylish brass and natural alabaster blend that exudes quality with two sizes. 

Our carefully curated collection of bathroom wall lights has been compiled with safety, quality, and design in mind. Functionally your bathroom lighting needs to illuminate effectively while decoratively they must complement your personal style.

Consider the tips above to help you make the best possible choice of bathroom wall lights, and ensure your bathroom is the perfect place to relax and unwind.