Wall lighting can drastically change a hallway's atmosphere, whether you're looking for a cosy, welcoming feel, or an eye-catching statement for your home. Interior wall lights can balance overhead light sources while adding brightness and creating an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. They also offer the ideal way to introduce a light source which eliminates shadows caused by downlights and ceiling lights.

Here's what you need to know when choosing the ideal interior wall light for your hallway.

Why Choosing the Right Light is Crucial

Ison Wall Light by Aromas | Lighterior

Creating the perfect space takes effort, and the right light certainly has a major impact on the overall look of your home, including your hallway. Interior wall lights are more than just decorative lighting; they serve several functions as picture lights, task lighting, and layered with other lighting fixtures.

Take the Birdy Wall Light, with its steel finish, matte black colour, and black or brass metal finishes. These elements combine to produce a subdued lighting fixture that complements the overall look of a contemporary home, while still effectively illuminating.

Lights That Fit Your Home Aesthetic

Nautilus Mini Wall Light | Lighterior

Here are a few points to consider when choosing the right interior wall light for your hallway:

  • Choose a light fixture with a style and finish that brings out your interior rather than detracting from your personal aesthetic.
  • Measure the size of your space to make sure that you have enough illumination - not too bright, not too dark, and which complements your decor.
  • Select your light’s main function - a softer diffused light to create a cosier ambiance, or perhaps a brighter, more direct light for a stronger illumination.

Always remember to focus on the style of your home. If you have a modern aesthetic, go with sleek and simple designs; if your style is more traditional, look for fixtures with ornate detailing that fit the period. Likewise, a home that has many brass fixtures may suit interior wall lights with a brass finish. Or perhaps you might opt for bronze light fixtures if your home has a more rustic feel.

Spacious hallways may benefit from a large wall light, while narrower corridors may require a smaller fixture. Similarly, all lights should be proportionate to surrounding furnishings; a large credenza may warrant an ample wall light, while a smaller one may better suit a more petite side table.

Also, keep in mind your light placement. A good starting point would be to hang them at about eye level, but you should also consider the height of your ceiling and the size of the fixture.

The Cone Wall Light is an ode to simplicity and classical style, designed to complete any space and provide a functional feature for your hallway.

Interior Wall Light Types to Consider

PL1 Small Picture Light | Lighterior

Depending on the look you are going for and the functionality you need for your hallway, the right interior wall light can elevate the aura of your space and make you feel more comfortable in your home environment.

Picture Lights

Placed above a picture or artwork these lights work particularly well in hallways. Subtle enough not to overpower yet effectively illuminate at the same time, they are a functional yet decorative addition to your home.  

The PL1 Small Picture Light is part of a simple range of plain but elegant iron picture lights that are manufactured by hand. With elements like elegantly detailed back plates and wire binding they are available in various sizes and finishes to suit any aesthetic.

Accent Lights

Accent lights are used to draw the eye to a particular feature, such as an architectural feature or simply for dramatic effect. These wall lights create a sense of interest, and you can use this to add character to any setting, illuminate a hallway, and add a bit of style without being overpowering.

Structured from natural or pre-aged brass and borosilicate glass, the Etoile Wall Light adds an elegant touch to a sophisticated space while highlighting a particular feature you wish to emphasise.

A dramatic piece for your hallway, the Madame Wall Light catches the spectator's eye like a graceful ballerina caught in mid-air, every detail in her figure captivating as they explore it. The perfect proportions of her back and head, adorned with a dainty sphere, all combine to form the perfect shade.

Madame Wall Light & Cone Wall Light | Lighterior

Ultimately, your home should have the light that suits you best. It might seem intimidating at first, but a key tip for integrating interior wall lights into your decor is to determine how the light will be used and what mood you want to create.

There are thousands of interior wall lights that combine form and function, but you can narrow down your selection by considering whether your wall light will blend into the space or become the centrepiece.

In terms of style for interior wall lights there is a wide variety of options, from contemporary to vintage - with every colour, finish, and style available.

Setting your home aesthetic is about experimenting and mixing it up with different colours and styles. With a little time and patience, you are sure to find the perfect wall lights for your home.