The placement of a pendant light can create a beautiful ambience in your outdoor entertaining or dining areas. Adding both functional illumination and a personal aesthetic, pendant lights can elevate your alfresco areas to new heights.

It isn’t just how a product looks that is important when selecting the perfect outdoor light, the quality of the fixture and its ability to withstand exposure to natural elements is vital. Outdoor pendant lights need to be approved for outdoor environments which means having an IP (Ingress Protection) Rating. Outdoor lights including outdoor pendant lights need to be at least IP44 rated to ensure they are protected from moisture, dust particles and the general wear and tear of outdoor living.

Here, we will look at the different types of outdoor pendant lights and how they can help transform your space into the ultimate outdoor experience.


The Classic Hanging Lantern


Round Lanterne Pendant Light | Lighterior


A hugely popular style of light, the lantern outdoor pendant light will provide your outdoor area with a more traditional aesthetic while losing none of the functionality you expect from a pendant light. With so many options to choose from, you can consider different materials, glass, size and shape to display your personal style without losing the fundamental look of a classic lantern.

For a classic lantern look, the Round Lanterne Pendant Light has a design inspired by oriental features yet has been reinterpreted for a contemporary style. Made from brass and transparent glass it possesses all the charm of a traditional candlelight lamp.

Inspired by Japanese lanterns, the Kimono Pendant Light is made of frayed fiberglass in a white finish. It hangs from the ceiling by an ultra-thin wire while a single lamp rests within the shade. The cylindrical structure illuminates with a bright and even glow that accentuates the subtle details found throughout the surface. A beautifully subtle and enchanting addition to your outdoor areas.


The Contemporary Outdoor Pendant

Leda Outdoor Curve Pendant Light | Lighterior

Don’t let the outside be a limit to your modern and innovative design style. Let your outdoor space be a continuation of your indoor aesthetic with a contemporary styled pendant light. With an abundance of styles available you can make a bold statement with a fixture that is quirky and avantgarde or perhaps choose an eye-catching design that is striking in its simplicity.

The Leda Outdoor Curve Pendant Light incorporates both statement and simplicity in its design. A beautiful necklace of light, composed of spheres and cylinders with a flexible diffuser is part of a modular system which allows you to change the layout and shape to suit your space and requirements. Available in both a matte black and matte bronze finish, the Leda collection evokes a sense of poetry combined with technology with its design inspired by the myth of Leda and the Swan.


The Industrial Style Pendant Light

Cone Outdoor Pendant Light | Lighterior

Not all outdoor spaces require a delicate touch. You can emulate an edgy industrial style with different metals and bold, basic shapes. The simplicity of style, craftsmanship and quality of each fixture can create an industrial look while still maintaining elements of understated elegance.

The Cone Outdoor Collection for example, works with the classic cone shape and high-quality metal finishes to create a range of lights that exude industrial design and class at the same time. The Cone Outdoor Pendant Light is a perfect example of the versatility of this style and would sit happily in any space whether it be residential, commercial or hospitality.


The Classic Scandinavian

Incorporating functionality without sacrificing design is why Scandinavian design is so popular. With clean simple lines and quality materials, this minimal style brings into focus functionality and versatility while keeping beauty at the forefront of your mind. Nothing epitomises the outdoors more than a Scandinavian styled pendant light. Made with extreme outdoor elements in mind, Scandinavian designed lights have been built for purpose.

The Lofoten Pendant Light is an example of a traditional outdoor pendant light, with its dark, glass frame being held up by a quality steel chain. The light's sophisticated exterior is only matched by its strength and quality as an outdoor fixture, with its Scandinavian origins guaranteeing this light will resist even the harshest of conditions.


The Nautical Look


Granaio Pendant  Light | Lighterior


Whether you live in a coastal area or are just inspired by the ocean there are many ways to emulate the nautical look in your al fresco areas. The Reef Outdoor Pendant Light has a contemporary nautical shape which features a sleek capsule of etched glass captured by bold rings of cast aluminium. Available in Hematite or Victorian Bronze finishes it undoubtedly brings a sense of the ocean to your outdoor areas.

The Granaio Pendant Light with its caged opal glass brings a rustic nautical look to an area. A simple style where the quality materials do all the talking this could be a welcome addition to a backyard or patio space.


Festoon Lighting

It is hard not to think of festoon lighting when considering illumination for your entertaining areas. The traditional party light, a festoon of oversized globe lights will add something special to your entertaining area while providing ample illumination, perfect for both small and large gatherings alike. The Drop Dual Cable Pendant Light is inspired by the lights of village festivals and is a contemporary reinterpretation of the traditional teardrop shape. A refined light that will illuminate an outdoor area with elegance without overpowering the space.


Decorative Pendant Lights


Ginger Outdoor Pendant Light | Lighterior


When function comes secondary to aesthetic, decorative outdoor pendants come into their own. Intricate detailing, accents and design can be prioritised while still allowing for adequate functionality and illumination. Decorative pendants remain a key feature in your outdoor area whether the light is on or off.

The Ginger Outdoor Pendant Light is a beautifully decorative and detailed pendant, allowing the light to enter and dance in a never-ending fluid and light motion. Even when switched off, if just a faint ray of light crosses the glass shade, it spreads colourful beams - showing up its dazzling beauty.

Not only will outdoor pendant lights transform your entry, alfresco area, porch, or patio into an eye-catching outdoor feature, when layered with other outdoor lighting such as wall lights, ceiling lights and free-standing lamps, they help to provide essential illumination.

Our collection of designer outdoor lights has been carefully compiled to incorporate a range of all these styles but also with the assurance that the quality and functionality remain a priority, leaving you to focus on creating your ultimate outdoor experience.