Glass Pendants are widely adored and rightly so, not only for their captivating beauty but their versatility too. Here we discuss the five things you really need to know about these delightfully multi-faceted suspension lights.

The Perennial Popularity of Glass

When we think of pendant lights, we often think of glass – from individual mouth-blown handmade glass through to the classic on-trend sphere shape that we all love. Their versatility is one of the reasons glass pendants are our best-selling suspension lights. In practical terms, glass is an ideal material for lighting as it naturally diffuses light in all directions – a perfect choice for areas such as kitchens and bathrooms which need to be well lit.

Glass pendant lights are not just utilised for their practicality. Glass as a material can transform a space into something quite spectacular – a cluster of handmade glass pendants filling a void area can be breathtaking. There is an abundance of different styles and types of glass pendant light available, with a design to fit every aesthetic. Whether you choose a clear or frosted finish, texture or colour, a single pendant, or a cluster, selecting a quality material is vital to ensure the pendant light not only illuminates and creates the ambience you desire, but is beautifully crafted and durable enough to last.

For an impressive cluster of expertly crafted pendant lights, the Flume Pendant Light fits the bill. Pairing reeded glass with reeded brass it offers an effortlessly contemporary silhouette. Flume’s sophisticated design takes inspiration from the mid-century and Art Deco eras. Playing with verticality & light refraction it achieves a truly elegant look.

Sky-Fall Pendant Light unifies ancient Murano Glass with innovative LED technology in a display of exceptional quality glassmaking. A pendant light that has presence and sophistication in equal measure, it would make a discerning addition to any interior space.

Flume Pendant Light & Skyfall Pendant Light | Lighterior

Quality of Light – Clear vs Opal Glass

The quality of light produced by clear and opal glass differs due to the way they each diffuse light. Clear glass allows light to pass through with minimal diffusion, which creates a brighter and more direct light. This makes clear glass a great option for pendant lights used in task-oriented spaces, such as above kitchen islands or desks. It can also be a good choice for spaces where you want to showcase the bulb or filament, as the clear glass allows the design of the bulb to be seen.

Opal glass, on the other hand, has a more diffused and softer quality of light due to the way it scatters and diffuses the light. This makes it an excellent choice for pendant lights used in areas where a subtle, more ambient light is desired – for example in living rooms or bedrooms. Opal glass can also be a great option for spaces where the light source is visible, but you want to reduce the harshness of the light and create a more relaxing atmosphere.

The Luna Pendant Light collection features the perfect globe with no shadows, just pure iridescent light. By incorporating the cap within the globe, there is no visible mechanism. The lid is an integral part of the globe itself - leaving you with just the sphere and cord. Available in either a clear or opaque finish your choice between the two styles will depend on the desired effect and the function of the space.

Luna Pendant Light | Lighterior

The Blown Glass Difference

Mouth-blown glass is a traditional technique of glassblowing that involves heating glass until it is molten and then blowing it into a mould or shaping it by hand using special tools. This method of glassblowing produces unique and distinctive pieces of glassware with slight variations in shape and size, which makes each piece a one-of-a-kind creation.

Other methods of glass production, such as machine-made glass or pressed glass, involve the use of moulds or machines to create uniform pieces. While these methods are more efficient and cost-effective, they do not allow for the same level of creativity or customisation as mouth-blown glass.

Mouth-blown glass is often preferred by artists and designers because of its unique beauty and character. The process of creating each piece by hand ensures that it has its own personality and individuality, with small variations in shape, size, and colour.

Both the Organic Pendant Light and Lute Pendant Light are extraordinarily beautiful suspension lights that incorporate mouth-blown glass shades. The Organic Pendant features glass that is poked to give it a unique and intriguing shape which looks particularly striking in a composition. Lute Pendant Light draws inspiration from the musical instrument of the same name as well as the colour combinations of vintage perfume bottles.

Lute Pendant Light & Organic Pendant Light | Lighterior

Playful Shadows

Glass pendant lights can create a stunning shadow play depending on the design and placement of the light fixture. This clever interplay of light and shadow can add an extra layer of visual interest to a room and enhance its ambience.

When a glass pendant light is turned on, it creates a focused beam of light that can cast intricate shadows on the surrounding surfaces, such as walls or ceilings. This effect is particularly striking when the light fixture has a unique or delicate design and silhouette, as the shadows it creates will be more intriguing and detailed.

To enhance the shadow play of a glass pendant light, consider placing it in a position where it will cast shadows on a blank wall or ceiling. This will allow the shadow patterns to be more visible and create a dramatic effect. Alternatively, you could use multiple glass pendant lights in a cluster to create a complex and dynamic shadow pattern.

The Attalos Pendant Light is a classical and sculptural light machined from solid brass and features a delicate frosted globe. Its timeless architectural aesthetic and striking silhouette has been designed to suit any style of interior.

Atil 6lt Pendant Light features opal glass lampshades that are placed in different positions and heights, creating an original retro vintage style indoor fixture. The shadows cast from this multi-faceted pendant light are almost as impactful as the suspension itself.

Attalos Pendant Light & Atil 6lt Pendant Light | Lighterior

Lighting Illusions

Glass pendant lights can help create the perception of a more expansive space by enhancing the lightness and airy feel of a room. As a reflective material, glass can help bounce light around a room, creating the sense of a more open space. Many glass pendant lights incorporate a sleek and minimalist design, which can provide an uncluttered and spacious feel to an interior room.

Create the illusion of a larger space by hanging glass pendant lights higher to draw the eye upward and make the space feel taller and more expansive. Clear or frosted glass pendant lights can help create a sense of openness, transparency, and spaciousness. Glass pendant lights can also diffuse light in a soft and even manner, helping to eliminate harsh shadows and create a more inviting and welcoming ambience.

Despite its smoky appearance the transparency and reflective properties of the Amp Pendant Light creates a sense openness. The decorative bulb inside emits a stunning glow through the shade and produces an attractive and welcoming light.

Due to the graceful and slender profile of the Nova Slim Pendant Light, when clustered in a group at varying heights, it still gives the impression of spaciousness. The opaline sandblasted glass provides a soft, diffused illumination which doesn’t overpower the space.

Amp Pendant Light & Nova Slim Pendant Light | Lighterior

In conclusion, glass pendant lights are one of the most popular categories in pendant lighting. They offer a wide range of design options and are available in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes to fit every aesthetic. The choice between a clear or opal glass finish will impact how light is diffused throughout you space and selecting a mouth-blown glass will add a unique and handcrafted element to your décor. Use glass to create an interplay of light and shadow for an extra layer of visual interest or utilise its reflective qualities to create an illusion of a larger space.

Whatever you are looking for in a glass pendant light, the Lighterior team can help you find the perfect fit for your space. Get in touch today!