Lighting your home is not an easy task and with a myriad of options available it can be hard to navigate your way through. With this problem in mind, the team at Lighterior have - after much head-scratching - curated our Top 10 essential lights, a collection of designer lights that will work for you now, and forever.

Invest in some key pieces that will transcend the ever-changing trends in decor and design, lights that will remain resolutely superior regardless of the latest interior whims.

Focus on quality - designer lights are built with the very best materials and made by the very best craftsman, with beauty, quality and longevity inextricably linked.

Our Top 10 essential lights offer the versatility, endurance, and appeal to make them a forever investment in your home. For a taste of Lighterior wisdom and inspiration, read our top picks below:

Orb Mirror Wall Light & Orb Max Pendant

1. Orb Max Pendant encompasses the enduring appeal of the glass sphere and exaggerates it in both size and impact. A seemingly simple design combined with quality materials ensures the timelessness of the orb. It sits equally well in both contemporary and traditional settings and offers a subtle and elegant addition to any interior space. Paired here with opal glass it offers a diffused, soft light and warm and welcoming ambience. It is easy to see why this light has such an enduring allure.

2. Orb Mirror Wall Light is supremely popular and will continue to be so with its timeless style and ultimately functional appeal. This beautifully made light has really got it all when it comes to practical and aesthetic charm. Ideal for bathrooms with its IP44 rating, it has an all-round appeal, suitable for any interior space.

Tradition Pendant Light & Organic Pendant Light

3. Tradition Pendant is a contemporary take on a traditional It has a distinct and decorative design with its finely knitted shade, creating a beautiful atmosphere, complementing your décor, and enhancing your experience of home. The three size options ensure its versatility and longevity. A beautiful design you will never tire of gazing at, both during the day and at night.

4. The extraordinary beauty of the Organic Pendant Light gives it a forever appeal and timeless charm. A suspension that will look incredible no matter where it is placed ensures it will rise above changing fashions. Mouth-blown glass that is poked to give it its unique shape allows it to continually intrigue.

Dusked Eos Wall Light & Crescent Wall Light

5. Dusked Eos Wall Light incorporates the most classic cylindrical form and is designed to enhance a diverse range of interior spaces. This captivating light ticks the boxes from small areas requiring a lighting detail to larger spaces that require ambience - be it hallways, bathrooms or architectural enclaves. Handcrafted in porcelain it offers a delicate interpretation of this age-old material and will always enchant.

6. The timeless shape and delicate refinement of the Crescent Wall Light provides the necessary versatility to be high on our essential lights list. The perfect accent light for any situation this porcelain masterpiece will look equally beautiful adorning a bedroom, living room, hallway, or kitchen wall.

JWDA Table Lamp & Birdy Swing Table Lamp

7. When we think of forever lights, a table lamp immediately springs to mind due to its ultimately portable credentials. For a design that you will never become weary of, the JWDA Table Lamp is a must. This is an immediate classic and the kind of sculptural piece that brings new life into whichever room it is placed. The contrast of the delicate, rounded glass with the sturdy base makes for a balanced and enduring silhouette.

8. Iconic design is a definite win when choosing your forever lights. Birdy Swing Table Lamp is one that has a perfect pedigree - a true classic with its original design dating back to the 1950s. Reinvented for a more modern aesthetic, the core design remains and will continue to do so for many more years to come.

Birdy Swing Floor Lamp & Hadley Floor Lamp

9. Hadley Floor Lamp is the ultimate chameleon. This simple, elegant and classic shape will adapt to whatever space it is placed, making it the ideal forever light. It’s has moveable and versatile credentials as well as being sophisticated and refined, meaning its longevity is guaranteed.

10. Classic design will never go out of style and is absolutely worth the investment. Mirroring the strong geometric shapes and soft, gentle contours of the iconic Birdy range, the Birdy Swing Floor Lamp celebrates Birger Dahl’s striking signature style and ever relevant modern design language. A lamp for the ages that epitomises the Scandinavian ethos of function with beauty.

Whatever lights you select, invest wisely and well in quality and classic form. Choose a style that is timeless and versatile, a design that transcends the latest fashions. Your forever lights should remain the perfect fit for you now and into the future.

If you need any assistance in making your selection please get in touch with our team who will be happy to help!