You don’t need to be a keen follower of lighting trends to notice the immense popularity of the beautiful orb light. Orb is a broad term that covers many styles, but the fundamental feature of the spherical globe is a trend that has rocketed. Used by everyone from interior designers and architects for commercial projects to renovating homeowners, this is a classic design with enduring charm. You can be certain this designer lighting trend is here to stay.


What Makes Orb Lights So Popular?

From wall lights and pendant lights to table and floor lamps the orb has a universal appeal. This is clearly demonstrated by the sheer volume of orb styled lights on offer, creating a swathe of accessible designer lighting for all.


Molecola Pendant Light & Random Solo Pendant Light | Lighterior


Classic Design

The seemingly simple design combined with quality materials and finishes ensure the timelessness of the orb. It sits equally well in both contemporary and traditional settings and offers a subtle and elegant addition to an interior space. Often paired with opal glass for a diffused, soft light and warm and welcoming ambience, it is easy to see why this light has such allure.

Functional & Decorative

The versatility of the orb light is a key feature to its success. From bathrooms and kitchens to offices, this beautiful glass bubble of crafted symmetry really does look good everywhere. It is bold yet unobtrusive, offering just the right amount of presence required for many interiors. The functional and decorative orb light provides the right amount of illumination for both task and ambient lighting, creating the ultimate compliment to your décor.

With a veritable feast of orbs available to purchase – from wall lights to pendant lights and beyond, we have selected to showcase just few here to help you on your journey to spherical perfection!


Orb Wall Lights

Orb Mirror Wall Light by Lighting Republic | Lighterior

The favourite and best in the realm of orb lights has got to be the Orb Mirror Wall Light from Australian brand Lighting Republic. Supremely popular, this beautifully made, versatile and functional light has got it all. Hugely popular for bathrooms with its IP44 rating, it has an all-round appealing aesthetic suitable for any interior space. The Orb Collection consists of five wall light variations and a pendant light.

Orb Sur Wall Light is the new kid on the block in Lighting Republic’s Orb Collection and incorporates an aluminium frame, adding an extra element of depth to this most versatile wall light. The perfect sphere of opal glass emits a soft and diffused light and will sit comfortably in any interior setting. With variations in size and finish available, this attractive light will surely become as popular as the other members of the collection.

The Molecola Wall Light features an opulent spherically formed shade with a refined semi-translucent shade. The brass fixture adds an extra element to the timeless sophistication of this light. The Molecola collection is composed of not only a wall light but three pendant light varieties, ceiling lights, a table, and a floor lamp.


Molecola Wall Light & Lune Wall Light | Lighterior

Lune Wall Light
features a large, frosted glass sphere surrounded by a folded sheet metal bracket and ceramic slip-cast lamp holder. With refined proportions and perfect symmetry, the addition of a metal element provides an alternative interpretation of the orb light. Each element of this light is handmade and crafted to perfection.


Orb Pendant Lights

The Orb Max Pendant Light is an extension of the much-loved Orb Collection. A simple silhouette with deceptively complex composition, this oversized sphere of faultless white glass has become a contemporary classic with broad and enduring appeal.


Bonton Marbles Pendant Light | Lighterior

Bonton Marbles Pendant
Light takes the orb light to the next level with the addition of a marble element and brass curl detail to the pink or pearl grey shaded glass. These features combined create a luxurious suspension light that exudes sophistication and glamour.

Used individually or as a breathtaking cluster, Random Solo Pendant Light features a bauble of beautifully crafted blown glass with an opulent expression. The modularity and different finishes offer ample freedom to compose harmonies of lights in the environment in which they are placed.


Orb Table Lamps and Floor Lamps

Endo Table Lamp is both classic and contemporary in design. It features an adjustable arm, enabling you to angle the opal orb shade to suit your requirements. Sleek and minimal, Endo is ideal for any space that requires functional and understated contemporary lighting.


Atom Floor Lamp & Attalos Table Lamp | Orb Lights | Lighterior

Attalos Table Lamp utilises the always wonderful combination of natural brass and opal glass. A timeless architectural aesthetic which is inspired by the columns of Ancient Greece and influenced by their order and sense of proportion. Topped by a flawless orb of glass this attractive table lamp would suit both a modern and traditional interior space in equal measure.

Atom Floor Lamp is a stylish modern indoor floor lamp where the perfect ball of white glass is the absolute hero. Perfectly balanced not only in its composition but also with the sleek steel element in its fixture, this floor lamp is a contemporary classic in the making.

A light that balances function and decorative style to perfection, the orb light is an obvious choice for many interior spaces. From an orb wall light next to your bathroom mirror to a sumptuous cluster of pendants, the orb has the character, design, and versatility to do it all. This love affair is set to continue, so take some time to browse our range of orb lights today to find your ideal match.