Brand: Gypset Cargo

Origin: Byron Bay, Australia

Established: 2009

The founder of Gypset Cargo, Jillian Middleton, has a diverse design background.

She studied interior design and practiced for several years in Sydney working under accomplished interior designers Adelaide Bragg and Deanne Rooz. “The attention to detail was beyond, and I learned the practical art of good decorating and design from these women,” says Jillian.

Middleton eventually went on to establish her own interior design practice before moving to New York. Here, she transitioned to styling, assisting on shoots for major publications including The New York Times Magazine.

When Middleton returned to Australia she moved to Byron Bay, returning to practicing interior design. However she felt there wasn’t enough original lighting to select from. Most pieces were highly manufactured and lacked a handmade, textured feel.

And so, in 2009 Gypset Cargo was born. The products are inspired by the Australian coastal landscape and embody the raw natural beauty of this place. Gypset now specialises in chandeliers, pendants and wall sconces favouring natural materials - mostly natural weaves, bamboo, rattan, wooden beading, iron and brass. 

From its outset, Gypset Cargo has attracted the attention of Australian interior designers and stylists, who have specified the lights to add warmth and texture to relaxed and airy spaces. 

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