Brand: Quintiesse

Origin: Hampshire, England

Quintiesse is the premium brand of Elstead, a British company based in Hampshire in the heart of the English countryside.

Quintiesse is driven by a passion for creative design, attention to detail and expert construction. The brand aims to bring lighting products to the market that create a strong impact wherever they are used.

Their range encompasses three main categories. The first is the sleek and refined modern designed fittings. Many of these incorporate a retro inspiration and feature classic vintage design features. The second category includes a range of fittings with a more unique, artistic approach, many using hand-patinated finishes. Finally, there is a collection of transitionally styled products that are inspired by traditional design but embrace modern aesthetic elements.

Quintiesse combine excellent quality with a wide range of finishes and impactful design. Given the versatility and sophistication of these light fittings, we expect to see them become favourites for classically inspired spaces.

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