Brand: Zafferano AiLati Lights

Origin: Italy

Established: 2005

Zafferano & AiLati have combined to produce lighting collections which incorporate new materials, glass-making art, cutting-edge technologies and creative lighting solutions for both indoor and outdoor use.

All Zafferano AiLati products integrate aesthetic research around elementary geometric shapes with the use of the most innovative new generation LED technological standards. Customisable, modular, bespoke pieces that are designed to light up public and private spaces, creating spaces with a strong character.

Ai Lati founder Federico de Majo grew up amid the beauty of Venice. On the island of Murano, at the family-run glassworks, he learned to love glass, a delicate and powerful material. His design philosophy is based on three cornerstones: the influence or Italian cultural and natural beauty, which has always inspired our design; respect for artisan talent, age-old know-how envied by the rest of the world: and the endless curiosity in pursuing the opportunities offered by cutting-edge materials and technologies. A combination of these factors has given rise to all his lighting projects, united by the constant commitment to create functional products with timeless aesthetic appeal.

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