Brand: Panzeri

Origin: Italy

Established: 1947

Quality, tradition and innovation are the bedrock values of Panzeri, a company that has a 70-year history of producing lighting and selling their  brand which is now known all over the world.

Panzeri was founded in 1947 and mapping out the company's path in those early days was founder Carlo Panzeri, an entrepreneur with extensive experience in the technical and engineering sector. Panzeri's story has always been inextricably linked to the three core values that epitomise the company's philosophy: quality, research, and innovation.

Panzeri have managed to merge an impressive legacy of tradition and craftsmanship handed down over its long history with hi-tech content of the highest calibre. A group of people who love what they do and who, together with other highly qualified, passionate professionals have been able to keep reinventing themselves.

Drawing on this unique wealth of knowledge, and with the latest advanced technologies, premium materials, and creative Italian design flair, Panzeri light fixtures are now regarded as high-end decor items and lighting solutions which grace the most exclusive interiors and exteriors worldwide. Another factor making Panzeri one of the key players in the interior design and lighting solutions market is the ability to tailor its offerings to the clientele's individual requirements.

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