Find the right bedroom lighting for a calming and comfortable space – your sanctuary after a long day. It can be a challenge to find the right balance, but with these 10 bedroom lighting ideas, we’ll help you create the perfect retreat. From traditional lamps to eclectic light fixtures, there's something for everyone.

Layer your lighting. When considering lighting for a bedroom, different styles should be combined such as overhead lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting to create the right ambience for your room.

1. Start with the centre of attention

Atom Pendant Light by Aromas Del Campo for Lighterior

A bedroom lighting fixture will set the tone for the entire room and provide a focal point that you can build the rest of your bedroom around.

For classic yet contemporary overhead central light, a glass pendant can be the perfect choice. The Atom Pendant Light offers a bold silhouette with a subtle diffused illumination from the opal glass. In comparison the Sky-Fall Pendant Light in a crystal finish provides both direct and indirect light with visible LED filaments, also available in a smoke glass finish for a more subdued style.

2. Pick your complimentary pendant lights

Alchimia Pendant Lights by Il Fanale for Lighterior

Using a duo of glass pendant lights either side of your bed can provide for both ambient and task lighting.

For a contemporary look, try the Alchimia Pendant Light – its sleek, minimal design is ideal for suspending over bedside tables. Or, for something with more of an industrial edge, look no further than the Girasoli Pendant Lights. Each cylindrical shade is available in three finishes and four sizes for individual installation or as a composition. 

3. Task Lighting for Function

Birdy Swing Wall Light by Northern for Lighterior

Bedroom lighting should incorporate task lighting to complement your overhead central light. The Birdy Swing Table Lamps strong geometric shapes and soft, gentle contours adds warmth yet function with its movable arm to a modern bedroom. 

4. Task Lighting for Ambience

Etoile Table Lamp by Il Fanale for Lighterior

Traditional table lamps are a great way to add both light and style to your space. If you're looking for a more subdued option, consider using designer floor lamps with soft, diffused light. The Etoile Table Lamp is the perfect option for casting a warm, inviting glow encased in a luxurious, opal glass shade.

5. Direct Wall Lighting

Buddy Wall Light by Northern for Lighterior

Make an aesthetic but functional statement with a direct wall light for your bedroom. The Buddy Wall Light is a multi-directional light suitable to place anywhere direct light is needed. The design features soft shapes that are bold yet simplistic.

6. Add an accent with your wall light selection

Colt Flush Wall Light by Bert Frank for Lighterior

Bathroom wall lights or sconces are an alternative for adding task lighting to small spaces without taking up valuable floor or table space. The Colt Flush Wall Light - reminiscent of mid-century design, this light is sure to bring elegance and glamour to your bedroom.

Miro Wall Light by Aromas Del Campo for Lighterior

Another way to add accent lighting is with brass wall lights which can be used to highlight artwork or architectural features. We love the Miro Wall Light – is a simplistic indoor wall fixture made from a steel frame and alabaster disc shade that reflects the light downwards. The Miro is a bold yet elegant interior wall light that is suitable to illuminate and furnish any interior space.

7. Create the ambience

Butterfly Wall Light by Northern For Lighterior

Incorporate your personality with ambient lighting, whether your style is eclectic, minimal, or mid-century. The Butterfly Wall Light or Perforated Butterfly Wall Light  as a single item, has elegant proportions and an indirect method of exposing light which appears understated. When several are combined in groups; it can create a decorative bright atmosphere.

For a minimal ambient bedroom lighting choice, the Shadow Wall Light features a diffused light that exerts a halo-like illumination from behind the flat sphere shade to create soft and comfortable light. With a leading-edge dimmable functionality, the Shadow Wall Light can be adjusted suit your mood.

8. Solutions for oversized bedrooms

Atom Floor Lamp by Aromas Del Campo for Lighterior

A Floor Lamp will not only add light to a darker area of your room, but can also be a feature when the lamp is turned off. Choose a simple, contemporary floor lamp for a soft, warm glow such as the Atom Floor Lamp.


Masina Floor Lamp by Bert Frank for Lighterior
For a mid-century styled feature the Masina floor lamp is gleaming with machined brass detailing and a large opal glass shade that casts a subtle glowing light. It has an upstand made of brass with a matte-lacquered brass base which will be a focal point even when the light is switched off.

9. Use dimmers

Croma Floor Lamp by Lodes for Lighterior

Dimmers are a great way to control the amount of light in your bedroom, allowing you to create the perfect atmosphere for any activity. Whether you're getting ready for a night out or relaxing in bed with a good book, dimmers give you the power to set the mood.

The Croma Floor Lamp is the perfect choice for those who want both style and flexibility. With its sleek, modern design reminiscent of a musical Quaver note and its dim-to-warm functionality, this lamp is sure to become a bedroom staple.

10. Play with colour

Dokka Pendant Light by Northern for Lighterior

Add some personality to your bedroom lighting by choosing pendants in fun, vibrant finishes. The Dokka Pendant Light with its smooth contours, precise proportions and sleek design is available in a range of matte finishes that will suit every personality and style.

Use these tips as a starting point, but don't be afraid to experiment until you find what works best for you and your bedroom. Bedroom lighting is one of the easiest ways to transform your room and let your personality shine.