Brand: Karman

Origin: Fossombrone, Italy

Established: 2005

Featured Designers: Matteo Ugolini, Edmondo Testaguzza & Luca De Bona and Dario De Meo

Karman are a brand who feature an innovative approach to their craftsmanship and that is: ‘Be, Amaze & Create’. All Karman designer’s styles coexist happily between traditional and modern, inspired by research and great technical skills to create beauty.

Their designs incorporate the use of unconventional materials fused with a certain type of simplicity that leans towards a personal decorative use of lighting for both private surroundings and public spaces.

Behind the creation of each designer lamp is the work of ordinary people who transform lighting into something extraordinary, which strikes and excites. Different stories are united by a common thread: light and what is possible to tell through it. Freedom to be, irony, and careful observation of the world to grasp its tendencies, vices, and virtues and transform them into light. This is how Karman’s decorative lighting for interiors and exteriors comes to life. From the passion and a pinch of madness of a team that wants to show its most transparent authenticity to the world.

“Lighting is a continuous source of inspiration it is that imperceptible element able to dress up surroundings and to look at them from a different perspective.” - Davide Diamantini, Karman CEO

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