Brand: Karman

Origin: Fossombrone, Italy

Established: 2005

Featured Designers: Matteo Ugolini, Edmondo Testaguzza & Luca De Bona and Dario De Meo

Karman have an innovative approach to their craftsmanship and that is to: ‘Be, Amaze & Create’. All Karman designer’s styles coexist happily between traditional and modern, inspired by research and great technical skills to create beauty.

Their designs incorporate the use of unconventional materials fused with a certain type of simplicity that leans towards a personal decorative use of lighting for both private surroundings and public spaces.

“Lighting is a continuous source of inspiration it is that imperceptible element able to dress up surroundings and to look at them from a different perspective.” - Davide Diamantini, Karman CEO

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