Brand: Bert Frank

Origin: Birmingham, UK

Established: 2013

Bert Frank is an award-winning British luxury lighting brand founded by Adam Yeats and Robbie Llewellyn. It was a meeting of minds and the start of a collaborative creative partnership with engineering at the core. Both men share a love of design and deep respect for the heritage of British engineering, and both wanted to create high-end products that would stand the test of time and fly in the face of throwaway consumerism. The partnership has resulted in award-winning lighting and accessories that fuse the integrity of the small-scale workshop with timeless aesthetics reimagined for today.

The two men work closely together from concept to product. As a result, every designed is honed to perfection, every detail carefully considered. Their designs are inspired by a desire for beautiful objects and a passion for lifestyle-enhancing design. Recognised for producing small product numbers with quality craftsmanship techniques, every Bert Frank lamp is designed and manufactured in the UK where craftsmanship is still alive. 

“The Bert Frank factory in Birmingham – the ‘City of a thousand trades’ whose prosperity was built on a global reputation for manufacturing excellence – is living proof that British craftsmanship is alive and kicking.” – Adam Yeats & Robbie Llewellyn.

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