Brand: Santa & Cole

Origin: Barcelona, Spain

Established: 1985

Santa & Cole is an independent design company with its roots in Barcelona, Spain. Founded by Nina Masó, Javier Nieto Santa and Gabriel Ordeig Cole in 1985, the brand has a mission to build, safeguard and share knowledge through design objects. Objects whose quality is recognisable at the touch of a hand, and that enrich people’s lives, whether at home or in shared environments. Their philosophy is more modern than futurist and they are more intrigued by silence than by stridency.

During the brand’s early days, creating exceptional lamps for some of Barcelona’s most famous bars soon led to commissions to light the homes of regular patrons of some of those venues. At a time when halogen lamps (cool to the touch, with a bluish light) were all the rage, Santa & Cole advocated the use of natural materials like wood, stitched cardboard, or ribbons. In some cases, existing designs were revisited, and in others, new ones, such as the Básica lamp, were developed. They shifted the mood from technical and cold to human and warm.

More than eighty creators have contributed to their current rich catalogue of furniture and lighting products and with a strong focus on design and attention to detail, Santa & Cole have become recognised globally.

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