Brand: Ferroluce

Origin: Italy

Established: 1982

Ferroluce is an Italian decorative lighting company, founded in 1982 with a mission to preserve and support Italian craftsmanship. Over the years, Ferroluce has become a modern reality, young and dynamic, inspired by its past experience and desire to become better known on the international market.

Ferroluce products are the result of the love and respect for tradition and materials. Simplicity, antique values and the flavour of a time gone by but which they wish to preserve. Ferroluce aim to recreate this unique atmosphere of style and elegance in every home. Their colourful handcrafted collections make use of highly skilled manufacturing techniques such as slip casting, dip glazing, glassmaking and blacksmithing. Several designs are finished with hand-painted patterns. Behind every Ferroluce object there is its own why, its own history, its own charm.

The production of their lights is performed exclusively in Italy and each item is a combination of contrasting shapes and the constant research into new chromatic alchemies. Ferroluce caters to those seeking a classical lighting solution, but also those wishing to work with a brand that is highly skilled and able to consistently produce quality and unique lighting – with each piece having its own personality.

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