Brand: Aromas

Origin: Valencia, Spain.

Established: 1986

Featured Designers: Pepe Fornas, AC Studio, Estudi Hac, JF Sevila and Agustin Gascon

Aromas del Campo was established in Valencia, Spain in 1986 as a small company that specialised in aromatic products and glass table lamps. Since then, Aromas have become one of Spain’s most recognised and beloved lighting companies.

The designs have Mediterranean roots yet are inspired by many different cultures. This has then developed into collections with a global and avant-garde style. As a company, they are strongly committed to a greener more sustainable future. They have a detailed & strategic plan to promote the change of the company’s products, manufacturing and distributing processes.

Their products are created using innovative technology, resulting in highly functional, affordable and timeless pieces with pure and simple lines. Aromas del Campo collections have a distinctive look with their main materials of metal and glass joined by an elegant combination of materials such as marble, wood and ceramic, to create an aesthetic that is a diversion of solidity and lightness. Aromas are inspired by many styles and cultures, daring themselves with new materials and finishes, making sustainable collections with a more global style.

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