Lighterior recently caught up with Louise Roche, founder and creative director of Villa Styling for a tour of her newly renovated studio. Featuring the Tradition Pendant Light and Kyiv Wall Light, Louise has brought her signature light and airy aesthetic, recognisable throughout her projects and incorporated it into this beautiful and versatile studio space. We sat down with Louise to talk all things interiors, styling and inspiration.

Studio Villa Styling Tour featuring Kyiv Wall Light | Lighterior

What was your journey to becoming an interior photographer? 

I started my career as a film girl working on a local newspaper doing things the old-fashioned way, creating film and plates for printing newspapers by hand! From there I worked my way through various publication roles based in marketing where I was always handling and using imagery to create magazines or catalogues.

It was when I started working in the creative department for a homewares retailer that my passion for interior styling and photography began. In my spare time I started taking photos and styling my own spaces, long before social media popped up! I had basic photography skills learned from college years ago and I taught myself the art of digital photography in my spare time. After working corporate roles for over 20 years in marketing I decided it was time to try it on my own.

Nearly 8 years ago now I took a leap of faith and ventured out doing the two things I loved most - styling and photography - and haven’t looked back since. My business and client base have grown year by year by just being true to my own style. I have clients still with me now that started on my journey all that time ago for which I am hugely grateful!

Studio Villa Styling Tour | Lighterior

Do you have a personal style? How would you describe it?

My personal style is very much, mid-century/coastal, I love old school 50, 60/70’s beach shacks and that classic relaxed way of living they evoke.

Could you describe your studio for us?

The studio has been an evolving working space. I decided to give it a huge makeover nearly a year ago now and I did start out with an entirely different look in mind back then, but as I am always quite influenced by the stunning homes I get to capture I fell more in love with creating a high end luxurious warm and inviting space to be creative in.

The space still feels open and airy, light, and bright when all the doors are up. I noticed it captured beautiful sunlight at different times of day, so I wanted to be able to work with it when I need to. It is a very versatile space and I designed it to be user friendly with the purpose of being able to create many looks within it. It can be white and bright with colour, or you can simply walk in and create straight away with the current styling. There are loads of homewares, linens, and furniture pieces to work with.

Studio Villa Styling Tour featuring Kyiv Wall Light & Tradition Pendant | Lighterior

Why did you pick the Tradition Pendant Light and the Kyiv Wall Light for the space?

The Tradition Pendant Light was the perfect fit being light, classic and modern to carry a multitude of colours and looks. I felt it wouldn’t date and hold its own for a long time to come.

The Kyiv Wall Light gave me all the warmth and texture I was looking for. I wanted a smart and stand out design that became its own talking point with a mix of linen and timber. I felt it suited my kitchen design perfectly.

How do you think lighting contributes to a space?

Lighting is huge - on or off. The perfect light in a space can set a mood, by day for its looks and at night for its gentle accent to any interior.

Are there any other Lighterior lights on your wish list?

The Ghaban Wall Light is another stand out for me with colours to compliment all spaces and a super stylish design.

Studio Villa Styling Tour featuring Tradition Pendant Light | Lighterior

Finally, what would be your three top tips for any budding interior photographers out there?

  • Stay true to your own editing style. Perfect your editing style and own it.
  • Things always have a way of finding you at the right time and working themselves out, don’t let the small things stress you out!
  • There is no right or wrong in the creative industry, there’s a place waiting for every new creative style.

To learn more about the creative force that is Louise Roche and view some of her outstanding projects and photography, discover Villa Styling here.