Having just completed her own renovation, we caught up with Annebel Goode, interior designer extraordinaire, hard-working mum and founder of the incredibly successful Studio Lux Interiors. We discuss the challenges of designing your own home, bathroom lighting tips and discover what drives and inspires her passion for interiors.  


Studio Lux Interiors Kitchen and Dining | Lighterior Journal

What was your journey to becoming an interior designer?

My love for interiors started with designing my dream home back in 2016, which quickly led to more developments and to helping friends and family design and style their own homes too. Fast forward a few years, I was now a newly single mother of two little boys, working in the fashion industry and barely making ends meet. I had to decide about what was going to be best for my boys. I completed a few online courses and this just lit a fire in my belly and I knew I wanted to pursue this career further.

I decided to take the plunge and start my own business. I launched Studio Lux Interiors just after Covid hit back in April of 2020 and this was actually such a blessing. So many people were stuck at home with nowhere to go, but had money to spend. So naturally people started looking at improving their homes and I know this is cliché but the rest is literally history. My business took off and I’ve never looked back. It was the best thing I ever did.

I am a naturally driven person who strives to succeed at everything I do, so I knew I would be successful, but I am so incredibly proud of everything I have achieved to date. Don’t get me wrong, there have been many late nights and 7-day working weeks from then to now, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love what I do so much, it honestly doesn’t feel like work at all.


Studio Lux Interiors renovation | Lighterior Journal

How would you describe your style?

My style is definitely ‘Modern Coastal’. I grew up on the coast and I love everything about being by the beach. So, creating interiors that reflect such beautiful surroundings comes really naturally to me. I love bright and airy spaces, incorporating light timbers, natural materials, using neutral palettes and adding pops of greenery.


As an interior designer, how did you approach designing your own home?

Designing my own home was harder than I thought. If I’m being completely honest, I felt a lot of pressure because I was an interior designer and that it needed to be perfect as it’s ultimately a reflection on my business. I also wanted to make sure it was going to be suitable for our family now and long term. We built our home knowing we would be here for many years to come, so I wanted to ensure it stood the test of time.

It needed to be functional for a family with 3 young children and 2 big dogs, so there were many things to consider — as there is for anyone who is building a family home. Budget was also a huge factor. With all of the price rises over the last few years, we just didn’t have the same budget to work with as we’d hoped for. In saying that, I wouldn’t change a thing. I guess ultimately, I approached designing our home with our family in mind. I took all things into consideration to ensure it was going to be just perfect for us!


Studio Lux Interiors bedroom | Lighterior Journal

You specified our Orb Mirror Wall Lights for your ensuite bathroom and Attalos Pendant Light for your powder room. Tell us, what attracted you to these lights?

I loved the simplicity of the Orb Mirror Wall Lights for our ensuite because we had a rather busy feature wall tile, so I didn’t want to overpower the space, but also knew it needed feature lighting. The Orb lights were the perfect choice for our ensuite bathroom because they were simple and understated.

The Attalos Pendant Light however, was selected for the opposite reason. I wanted it to be a feature of our powder room. The brass details connect perfectly with our tapware and just gives the room the added interest it needed.


Attalos Pendant Light & Orb Mirror Wall Light | Lighterior Journal

What are your best tips for bathroom lighting?

When it comes to lighting in a bathroom you need to consider how the space will be used, especially from a woman’s perspective (applying make-up etc). Natural light is always top priority, but if this isn’t achievable utilising feature lighting can really help elevate the space in more ways than one.

Opt for face level lighting by installing back lit mirrors or placing wall lights either side of your mirror. These can be used in conjunction with your regular down lights to improve the light reflection on the face and help to reduce shadows.


Are there any other Lighterior lights you have your eye on?

Yes, I am loving Hollow Linear Pendant Light in the white oak and the Calo Pendant Light in white.

Discover more of Annebel’s modern coastal style and her keen eye for detail by visiting the Studio Lux Interiors website, where you can feast your eyes on many of her beautiful and inspiring projects.

For more tips on lighting a bathroom, make sure you read our guide bathroom lighting and IP Rating before browsing our range of beautiful bathroom lights.

Images courtesy of Studio Lux Interiors, photography by Villa Styling.