Industrial Lighting is a style synonymous with quality, craftsmanship and durability. A design style with an enduring appeal that celebrates not only the classic design of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries but also the raw materials. Timber and metal feature heavily in a style that takes us back to a different time where form and function were prevalent but is now reimagined for a modern era. Read on to discover some of our favourite kitchen pendant lights which we believe embody the classic characteristics of Industrial lighting design and why they are such a good option for your kitchen area.

Why Pendant Lights?

Cone Pendant Light | Industrial Lighting | Lighterior

The kitchen is arguably the most important room in the home – somewhere we cook, eat, entertain guests, and spend time with family – so lighting this space to suit all functions can be a challenge. Kitchen pendant lights are a versatile option and can be hung anywhere in the room – as a central light, over a kitchen bench or dining table and in a cluster or combination to create a feature.

Using a single pendant as a feature reminds us of days gone by when one light would have been the only source of illumination in the kitchen area. The Cone Pendant Light epitomises the quality and craftsmanship associated with the industrial lighting ethos. The raw material is allowed to shine through this classic cone shape. Large enough in size to have as a standalone piece over your kitchen table, it has the absolute wow factor.

The Galileo Pendant Light is another feature pendant light which can be used on its own or as a collection of smaller kitchen pendant lights. With an industrial style design characterised by its brass, copper or iron finish and perfect half-sphere it will sit comfortably in the kitchen space over a table or kitchen bench.

Pendant Lights for Tasks

Girasoli Pendant Lights & Colt Pendant Light | Lighterior

Kitchen lighting ideally involves the layering of different lighting fixtures, incorporating both task lighting for function where a combination of suspension lights, ceiling lights and wall lights can be used. When using a pendant light as a task light, consider shadows over your work area and position your lights with spacing and heights from the ceiling and surface in mind.

A cluster of kitchen pendant lights will add depth and dimension to the room. The Girasoli Pendant Light embodies minimalist design with an industrial aesthetic as seen by its cylindrical form and by its brass or iron finishes. The Girasoli collection is also available as a ceiling light which allows for the lighting to be layered within the same family for continuity of style.

The Colt Pendant Light is a sleek and stylish fixture, crafted from heavyweight, machined brass with a slotted diffuser that casts soft light from ceiling to the floor. Extremely versatile, this minimal pendant light would sit happily in a contemporary industrial kitchen.

Pendant Lights for Ambience

Cantina Pendant Light and Cascina Pendant Light | Lighterior

With ambient or decorative lighting, the selection of pendant lights comes to the fore. You can achieve both necessary illumination and ambience with kitchen pendant lights. Versatile enough to be positioned anywhere, use them to create a wonderful warm and welcoming mood in your kitchen.

Both the Cascina Pendant Light and Cantina Pendant Light embody the traditional and industrial lighting themes, where quality craftsmanship and materials feature strongly. This versatile pendant light with its strong presence would sit equally well in both a farmhouse and warehouse style kitchen space.

For a more contemporary take on industrial lighting design, the Dew Cluster Pendant Light showcases clear-cut lines that highlight the nature of iron. The pendant light can be used on its own or combined with others to create linear compositions or groups with a spectacular effect. Characterised by clean and distinct fundamental lines that emphasise the purity of the material, it creates a striking visual appeal positioned above a kitchen table or bench.

Linear Pendant Lights

London 3lt Pendant Light & Kernel Pendant Light | Lighterior

The classic profile of the linear pendant is an obvious choice for a kitchen pendant. Ideal for use above a kitchen bench or worktop, it ticks all the boxes when looking for both task and ambient lighting. When incorporating linear pendant lights into your industrial style kitchen, consider quality raw materials, expert craftsmanship, shape, size, and placement - as the beauty of an industrial lighting style means all elements are laid bare.

The transparencies of the glass in the London 3lt Pendant Light make the antiqued iron structure well perceptible. This pendant light creates a soft and charming ambience in stark contrast to the visible structural and material elements and makes an ideal addition to any area which requires an industrial lighting theme.

The Kernel Pendant Light is a bold, modern statement light. While not traditional in style, the high-quality materials and craftsmanship, along with the severe authority of its aesthetic allow it to sit comfortably in a contemporary style industrial kitchen. Composed of intersecting horizontal and vertical lines and geometric forms, four opal glass spheres are framed within a matte lacquered rectangular shade, creating a striking feature light.

When working with an industrial lighting style in your kitchen design, raw materials and their form are apparent, with a huge emphasis on quality, finish, and craftsmanship. Carefully chosen with these key features in mind, explore our wide range of designer kitchen pendant lights, selected from the very best international brands so that you can complete your industrial inspired kitchen space.