Our resident Lighterior expert - Jade Ash - recently shared her lighting insights with Home Beautiful magazine for their November feature. With years of industry experience, Jade imparts valuable lighting tips and wisdom tailored for every room in your home.


The Three Lighting Categories

When considering lighting for your home, understanding the three categories—task, ambient and accent - is fundamental.

Task lighting: Functional and intense, perfect for specific activities. Jade recommends it for areas like beside bathroom mirrors or near beds for reading.

Ambient lighting: Sets the mood without overpowering. Dimmable lights are ideal, providing flexibility in brightness.

Accent lighting: Can be used to highlight features such as architectural details or artwork.

According to Jade, "It's important to have at least two of the three in a room." Achieving the right balance is crucial, with the dominant feature varying based on the room's purpose. 

Tradition Pendant Light & Maija Floor Lamp | Lighterior

Downlight Overload

Jade cautions against the common mistake of overusing downlights in spaces meant for relaxation. “I think the biggest mistake that’s made in builds and renovations nowadays is putting too many downlights in a space that’s meant to be somewhere you unwind. My apartment has more downlights than you can poke a stick at, and I never turn them on. In what world is that an inviting and relaxing environment?"

Downlights are a source of functional light but that is rarely the only lighting effect required. “Years ago, all lighting used to be drab and technical – they weren’t pieces of art like they are these days. Now, we tend to incorporate more decorative lights like pendants alongside technical options like downlights. Lighting has really become a space of art and inspiration, not just function”, says Jade.


Kitchen Pendant Lights

The classic trio of kitchen pendant lights is no longer a strict rule. “Having worked in the lighting space for so long, I find three pendant lights over the kitchen island can feel overdone,” shares Jade. “Don’t be afraid to do one pendant or a small cluster over the end of your island bench”. Jade suggests creativity is key, with options like pairs arranged asymmetrically, one or two large domes over a long island bench or a linear pendant.

Parlour Sphere Pendant Light & Tenn Linear Pendant Light

Bring Character into your Living Room

To infuse life into your living room, Jade recommends creating zones and adding dimension. “A living room is meant to have a lot of depth and character,” says Jade. “If you put your standard four LED downlights in a box, that’s not an inviting or entertaining space.”

Jade also advises that when using pendants in a living space, to ensure they complement rather than “dominate or distract from other features”.

Understanding that lighting needs to be balanced with the requirements of the room is key. “People think, ‘We’re going to need all this light at night,’ forgetting that a television emits so much light,” says Jade.

Girasoli Double Wall Light & Revolve Floor Lamp | Lighteiror

Setting the Mood in the Bedroom

Bedroom lighting often leans towards excess. “It’s a space that people think they’re going to spend a lot of time in, but realistically they don’t. You mostly just use soft accent light,” says Jade.

Bedside lighting, in the form of wall lights, pendant lights or the classic table lamp should be considered here. “You could put two pendants or wall lights either side of your bed as reading lights,” Jade says, but cautions against using wall lights if there is possibility of the furniture being rearranged in the future.

Bonton Pendant Light & Tura Wall Light | Lighterior

Bathroom Lights

Bathroom lighting, a common stumbling block, requires thoughtful placement. Jade advises against relying solely on downlights. “Everyone thinks that by putting downlights above the vanity you’re getting functional task light, but they’re generally above or behind your head so you’re not actually getting any direct light on your face,” says Jade. Instead, opt for task lighting on either side of the mirror, citing examples like our Orb Mirror Wall Lights or Orb Sur Wall Lights.

Orb Sur Wall Light & Orb Mirror Wall Light | Lighterior

In conclusion, Jade emphasises the importance of balancing lighting with a room's requirements, considering factors such as existing light sources, room layout, and future furniture arrangements. By approaching lighting as both art and a functional necessity, you can transform your home into a beautifully illuminated haven.

If you need lighting advice for your home or commercial space, get in touch with our customer service team who will be happy to assist you.