Lighting is one of the most important elements in the design of your kitchen, a room that serves many functions, and therefore requires different types of lighting to suit each role. The kitchen is where we cook, eat, entertain guests and spend time with family – there is a fine line between lighting that effectively illuminates your space to allow you to carry out these activities, and lighting that is too harsh or too dim on the eyes.


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Kitchen lighting is all about layering different types of light to create a well-balanced, functional and stylish space and in this blog, we'll explore tips and ideas for kitchen lighting, from brass wall lights, interior wall lights and linear pendants.

Take into consideration the amount of natural light that your kitchen gets and choose lighting that complements this. A comprehensive kitchen lighting plan will consider the three distinct layers of light: task, accent, and ambient, and will use a combination of these to achieve the desired effect.

Choosing the right lighting for your home doesn't have to be a daunting task - with our tips in mind, you'll be well on your way to creating a beautifully lit space that you and your family will love to spend time in.

Task Lighting

The first layer of light in your kitchen is what’s known as ‘task lighting’. This is the most important type of light in your kitchen as it's designed to help you carry out specific tasks such as cooking and food preparation. It should be bright, and it should be positioned so that it doesn't create shadows on your work surfaces.

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The best task lighting is a strategic combination of both pendant lights, ceiling lights and interior wall lights. The Girasoli Spot Ceiling Light has a minimalist design with an industrial aesthetic as seen by its cylindrical form with the option to direct the light to a specific area of your kitchen. The Acorn Pendant Light is an ideal suspension light for tasks that require more focused light, such as a food prep area or a dining table, while interior wall lights are perfect for illuminating worktops. These can be installed wherever focused lighting is needed most.

The Mini Wall Light is an elegant kitchen lighting solution that will provide ample task lighting. Its ceramic and brass materials bring an element of refinement to your kitchen space while providing the functional task lighting you require. Pair two together as bathroom wall lights on either side of your mirror for the ultimate in direct lighting.

Accent Lighting

The second layer of light in your kitchen is accent lighting. This type of light can be used to highlight specific features in your kitchen such as shelving, photographs or interior decoration. It can also be used to bring a sense of your own personality to the room. Accent lighting should be bright but not overpowering, and it should be positioned so that it doesn't create glare or shadows.


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Interior Wall lights are a popular choice for accent lighting as they can make a bold statement or simply add a touch of interest to your space. Brass wall lights are particularly effective in adding an element of sophistication and different aesthetic to your kitchen. The elegant arch of the Madame Wall Light is one such example, available in both natural brass or a two-tone finish.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is designed to create a warm and welcoming illumination in your kitchen. It creates the perfect atmosphere for those moments when you just want to relax and unwind - leaning over the bench top to chat with a friend while you cook, or enjoying a glass of wine at the kitchen table after a long day.

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Pendant lights are ideal for providing ambient lighting in your kitchen - try hanging two or three together at different heights to create a stylish focal point. The Unika Pendant Light, available in both large and small sizes, is ideal for adding depth and dimension to the kitchen environment.

Jefferson Chrome Pendant Light | Lighterior
The Jefferson Pendant Collection is a popular choice for kitchen pendant lighting with its striking bohemia crystal glass that features a vortex motif that decorates the diffuser. Available in Chrome or Gold finishes and a variety of sizes for a customised look.

Linear Pendants are a popular choice for decorative kitchen lighting. The Crane Pendant Light is a unique design with two spheres at the end of the metal bar that illuminates a soft glow while at the other end is a conical light that directs down.

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For a mid-century look the Colt Triple Pendant Light has triple machined brass grills with slotted opal diffusers that are held in line by a textured black finish spine, casting soft light to the ceiling and bench top.

With so many options to choose from, the best way to find the perfect kitchen lighting for your home is to speak to one of our experienced lighting consultants who can assist with selecting the best combination of kitchen lights for the right balance of task, accent and ambient lighting.

Kitchen lighting is not just about function - it's also about style. Choosing your lights should involve a mix of both practicality and personal preference. After all, your kitchen is the heart of your home!