Here at Lighterior, we take pride in illuminating homes with a curated selection of lighting brands from across the globe. However, today, we're turning our focus closer to home, shining a light on the brands that were either born in or have found their home right here in Australia – our Homegrown Highlights.

At the heart of our exploration lie the creations of local artisans and designers, whose dedication to their craft has birthed a dazzling array of lighting masterpieces. From the rugged landscapes of Currumbin to the vibrant streets of Sydney, each Australian brand we showcase embodies a rich tapestry of heritage, innovation, and creativity.

In this collection of Australian products, expect to encounter a symphony of textures, forms, and materials, meticulously crafted to adorn your living spaces with unparalleled elegance. From the hand-blown glass pendants of SØKTAS to the timeless ceramic creations of Studio Enti, every piece tells a story of artistry and authenticity.

Join us as we celebrate the essence of Australian design, where luxury meets ingenuity and tradition dances with modernity. Discover our Homegrown Highlights below.


Based in Currumbin, Australia, SØKTAS was founded in 2005 by Oliver Höglund and Ryan Roberts. Their hand-blown glass pieces, influenced by Oliver's lineage of glass artists, are individually crafted, each bearing a unique touch. With a focus on originality and ambience, SØKTAS creations elevate spaces with their distinctive charm and craftsmanship.

Coral 10lt Linear Pendant Light, Ost Pendant Light

Sol Wall Light, Coral Trio Off-Centre Pendant Light

Discover the SØKTAS collection.

We Ponder:

Established in 2020 by Rose Kiselev, We Ponder brings Australian handmade lighting to the forefront. Inspired by Rose's background in interior design, each piece is meticulously crafted in Tasmania, showcasing timeless elegance and functionality. Rejecting trends, We Ponder embraces the enduring beauty of clay, creating individual pieces that seamlessly blend into modern living spaces.

Cloud Wall Light, Day Tall Wall Light

Wobbly Dawn Ceramic Ceiling Light, Dusk Tall Wall Light

Discover the We Ponder collection.

Marz Designs:

Founded by Coco Reynolds in Sydney in 2010 and relocated to Byron Bay hinterland in 2019, Marz Designs embodies sustainability and craftsmanship. Influenced by mid-century design and Greek mythology, their pieces feature natural materials and classic architectural aesthetics. Through handmade processes and sustainable materials, Marz Designs offers products rich in origin and individuality.

Attalos Wall Light, Terra Dome Pendant Light

Terra Cylinder Wall Light, Aurelia Double Offset Pendant Light

Discover the Marz Designs collection.

Lighting Republic:

Established in 2012, Lighting Republic specialise in classic yet versatile lighting fixtures, incorporating honest materials like brass and glass. From organic mouth-blown glass shades to contemporary modular designs, Lighting Republic creates lighting solutions that exude softness and tranquility while remaining practical for modern living.

Orb Sur Mini Wall Light, Organic Pendant Light

Bode Wall Light, Orb Air Pendant Light

Discover the Lighting Republic collection.

Fluxwood Lighting:

Crafted by a team of makers and designers in Currumbin, Queensland, Fluxwood Lighting offers bespoke timber lighting pieces. With a focus on sustainability and quality craftsmanship, their pendants and wall lights are uniquely designed to suit residential and commercial projects. Embracing the natural variations of Australian hardwoods, Fluxwood Lighting creates enduring pieces that showcase the beauty of timber.

Silo Wall Light, Lander Pendant Light

Tenn Linear Pendant Light, Button Wall Light

Discover the Fluxwood Lighting collection.

Studio Enti:

Based in Sydney, Studio Enti is the brainchild of Naomi Taplin, specialising in handmade ceramic lighting made into sculptural forms with tactile porcelain in a signature muted colour palette. Inspired by minimalist design and sustainability, each piece is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and quality. By prioritising local, small-batch production and using natural materials, Studio Enti offers timeless lighting solutions that enhance ambience and mood, evolving as day turns into night.

Orb Ceramic Pendant Light, Eclipse Wall Light

Dusked Eos Wall Light, Dusked Eos Ceiling Light

Discover the Studio Enti collection.


With roots dating back to 1945 in Melbourne, family-run Mayfield specialises in custom-made and ready-to-purchase lighting solutions. Guided by founder Adi Felder's legacy of craftsmanship and integrity, Mayfield collaborates with designers and makers to create products that shape living spaces with inviting warmth and atmosphere. Committed to good design and strong personal relationships, Mayfield continues to be a beacon of Australian lighting excellence.

Soren Table Lamp, Pia Floor Lamp

Pia Table Lamp, Banks Table Lamp

Discover the Mayfield collection.

Gypset Cargo:

Founded by Jillian Middleton in 2009, Gypset Cargo draws inspiration from the Australian coastal landscape to create lighting pieces that embody natural beauty and texture. Their chandeliers, pendants, and wall sconces feature natural materials like bamboo, rattan, and wood, adding warmth and character to any space. Embracing handmade craftsmanship, Gypset Cargo's lighting designs evoke a sense of relaxed elegance and style.

Kyiv Wall Light, Copenhagen Wall Light

Shanghai Wall Light, San Paolo Pendant Light

Discover the Gypset Cargo collection.


Started in 2014 by family trio Phillip, Kerri, and Luke, Klaylife champions handmade artisanal pieces, particularly their iconic clay bead chandeliers. With a commitment to creating trade opportunities for communities around the world, Klaylife offers a range of handcrafted ceramic lighting, décor, and jewellery. Each piece tells a story and celebrates the beauty of craftsmanship and cultural heritage.

Sphere Beaded Pendant Light, Sponge Ro Pendant Light

Flame Pendant Light, Barrel Pendant Light

Discover the Klaylife collection.


Founded in 2010 by Ilan El, Ilanel Design Studio specialises in bespoke lighting and large-scale installations, inspired by natural phenomena and industrial edge. With a focus on low-impact environmental design, Ilanel's pieces reflect a raw connection to nature while pushing the boundaries of function and aesthetics. Through considered materials and processes, Ilanel creates experiential lighting that embodies both power and human potential.