Brand: Royal Botania

Origin: Antwerp, Belguim

Established: 1992

Royal Botania is a manufacturer of outdoor furniture and lighting with a strong environmental awareness. All their products are made from either biodegradable or recyclable materials. Their initial focus was to produce a range of outdoor furniture that fused superb quality and refreshing designs made from teak wood.

Teak remains a key material in the product line today and is harvested in strict accordance with environmental policies based on the “sustainable forest” policy, promoted by the WWF. Royal Botania leads the world in creating stunning outdoor furniture for patios, pools, gardens and homes that is both stylish and sustainable.

“Our inspiring journey over the years has allowed us to channel our creativity and strive for excellence. The end result is a brand that indulges in comfortable, well-crafted, and superbly made outdoor furniture.” - Kris Van Puyvelde, Royal Botania Founder

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