Brand: Northern

Origin: Oslo, Norway 

Established: 2005

Featured Designers: Morten & Jonas, Atle Tveit, Hareide Design & Sven I. Dysthe

The Northern brand was born in the studios of Northern Lighting, where a team of creatives has been illuminating lives for well over a decade. Combining beauty, functionality, utilising natural materials and genuine craftsmanship.

Northern’s collections involve streamlined designs that are fun to combine and easy to clash and contrast. Some of their signature aesthetics include finishes and materials such a smoked wood, twilight colours and strong silhouettes to create subdued moods, while subtle geometries and classic sensibilities add an elegant touch. Northern consider the interior to be a flexible, creative space, and make multifunctional products that are unified in style, as well as in spirit.

Their creative reach goes beyond Norwegian heritage to meet the modern need for laid-back luxury and cutting-edge cool. Northern’s designs can energise and inspire, create a relaxing mood, or set the scene for a soothing backdrop. Designed with the potential to make any setting unique, Northern’s products add atmosphere as they reveal a new vision for Nordic style.

“Creating something that you know will make someone else happy is what great design is all about.” - Morten & Jonas

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