Brand: Maker Design Studio

Origin: New Zealand

Maker Design Studio was established by Mat Macmillan who, having trained in carpentry, joinery, and shop fitting, blends his respect for traditional skills with a long-standing interest in design. He brings the lasting quality of the past into contemporary mixed media pieces to meet and challenge a new era.

Mat has taken inspiration from his days as an apprentice to North London carpenter and cabinetmaker Frank Pohorley. Frank’s working methods, rooted in the 1930’s, now represent a bygone era and ethic where joints were all marked and cut by hand and chisels and irons sharpened on an old India stone.

Maker Design Studio is about exploring top-end design, aesthetics and materials and bringing them together with meticulous craftsmanship. The brand’s aim is to celebrate an individual quality that commercial production techniques cannot mimic, resulting in items that possess real character and personality of their own. Mat works in wood and other media for his amazing products collection. The result being something of lasting beauty and originality for your interior space.

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