Brand: J. Adams & Co.

Origin: Birmingham, England

Established: 2016

Founded in the UK in 2016, J. Adams & Co. is a lighting design studio and manufacturer with a simple and honest vision. Authentic British design combined with the highest quality materials, craftsmanship and innovative engineering. The aim being to create lighting collections that will enrich, accent, and enhance an interior and meaningfully connect with the people within it.

Their aesthetic is born from the industrial heritage and traditional manufacturing skills of their Birmingham metalwork factory. Inspiration is drawn from traditional styles, reimagining them in contemporary form to create lighting that has timeless appeal and enduring quality.

Manufactured at their factory in Birmingham by uniquely skilled craftspeople, the attention to detail, quality of materials and finish elevates the timeless designs to suit the most luxurious of environments.

J. Adams and Co. take pride in meticulously undertaking every stage of the design and production process - from prototyping, hand forming and machining to finishing and assembly, ensuring that their hand-crafted lighting designs are always of the highest quality.

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