Brand: IP44.DE

Origin: Germany

Established: 1993

IP44.DE describes itself as a young, progressive, and conservative company. They focus on quality design and a core belief that every place deserves a great light. Established in 1993 by Bernd Schmalhorst, the brand was borne from a desire to provide beautiful outdoor lights equal in aesthetic appeal to any interior light.

With a name based on a common industry standard for lights that are robust and suitable for outdoor use, IP44.DE have gone far beyond all standards. Surfaces that are as aesthetic as they are durable. Everlasting materials such as glass, stainless steel or cast aluminium. High-quality electronic components and exceptionally efficient and durable LED technology. All this is combined with manufacturing partners who create lights according to the highest quality German standards. 

Now working with experienced lighting designers and their very own ideas and concepts, they have become an award-winning brand. Due to IP44.DE outdoor lights being aesthetically just as perfect as the most distinguished interior lights, they can be found in numerous commercial, public, and private projects all over the world.

IP44.DE distinguishes itself as a leader in its field with the combination of exceptional aesthetic appearance, high quality, and perfect function.

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