Brand: BOMMA

Origin: Czech Republic

BOMMA transforms interiors with handcrafted sculptural lighting that creates a distinct mood in each space – from eye-catching centrepieces and installations to soft ambient light. The company is renowned for its signature design that creates a sense of grace and delight. This minimalist, yet daring aesthetic is appreciated by international architects and interior designers all over the world.

The spirit of courage and innovation is apparent in BOMMA’s lighting collections which incorporate unconventional materials, daring colours, and cutting-edge technology. BOMMA’s design philosophy achieves timeless value, with pieces that go a step beyond trends and will continue to be as breathtaking in the future, as they are today.

BOMMA has raised traditional craft to sophisticated mastery. Their glassmakers are talented, experienced and able to hand-blow crystal in monumental sizes. All BOMMA crystal lighting is hand-made, often redefining what is physically and technically possible.

21st-century glassmaking combines science, technology and craft. As a progressive brand, BOMMA continually invests in state-of-the-art technologies. Their glassworks are among the most advanced facilities worldwide. Along with lighting, the company continues to produce bespoke crystal for international luxury brands and supplies selected partners with special pieces impossible to produce at their own glassworks.

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